“Born Rich” release on Mar. 22 at Meet the Authors in Luling, TX

A lot has happened since NaNo!

My second novel, Born Rich, came out on Amazon on March 8 (paper and Kindle formats). The public release is at the Meet the Authors event in Luling, Texas on March 22 from 11-3 at the Central Texas Oil Patch Museum (421 E. Davis Street). If you are in the Central Texas area please join me. I will be signing copies and sharing stories about my research for this intriguing story.
What is Born Rich about? Here’s a brief description: “What if you were born rich and could live life any way you chose? What if everyone was? Would you pursue a leisurely, quiet life and live for over 250 years, or would you rather “live fast and die young?” In the former United States, now four isolated sectors, everyone’s had that choice for a thousand years. Life is rewarding and satisfying, at least until you Peak Out of money and become government property in the labor force of mindless Grubs. To Andreas and Nadja it seems the perfect world, then they uncover a secret: more and more people are unexpectedly Peaking Out. Has technology gone awry or is something more sinister going on? What will they do once they learn the truth?”

I wrote the first 60,000 word draft during NaNo in November 2013. After many edits, deletions, and additions the final count is 70,000. In addition to much writing and re-writing, the cover changed (I hired a professional graphic artist who specializes in book covers — recommended by two author friends: Mark Bentsen and Kaye George — both excellent authors by the way). The synopsis changed. I got new head shots. The manuscript went through at least 30 reads between me and editors. But I’m thrilled with the final product — the cover is gorgeous (thank you Karen Phillips!) and I’m pleased with the story itself.

Please check out either the paperback or Kindle versions and let me know what you think. I’m working on book 2 already (which picks up where book 1 left off) so feedback is always valuable.

And for those who are dying of curiosity, here’s my draft cover (on the left) and Karen’s cover. Karen’s cover is MUCH better. Although getting topless shots of my husband was fun (that’s his arm with the money coming out of it). This is the only place my draft cover design shall ever appear!


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