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Why characters’ lives don’t imitate real life

After a rather crazy week it occurred to me just how artificial our characters’ lives are. Yes, we all know it’s fiction, and the characters are made-up in the first place, but every single thing that happens to a character—good and bad—must move the plot forward in some way. Imagine how boring a novel would be
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Rainy days are perfect for writing and for inspiration

Most everyone I’ve talked to the past month agrees on one thing: This is the strangest spring in recent memory. Austin’s average rain total for May is 4.37 inches. We aren’t done with the month and have already received over 9 inches. That’s an especially big change from several recent years, where May saw less than 2 inches.
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Heeeere’s Janet!

After being absent since August, 2014 I am thrilled to be back. A permanent crash of the hard drive previously serving my blog caused much gnashing and wailing – both from me and from my husband, because I regularly bothered him to try saving my files. He finally relented and, true to his technical genius, saved everything
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